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About Meta Tags Analyzer

The Meta Tags Analyzer tool!

Quickly analyze any web page (enter the URL you want to analyze) and we will display the Meta Title, Description, and Keywords. Our free tool can be used as often as you like to identify any issues on your own website pages or to assess your competitors. This is very effective for researching keywords or search phrases from your competitors web pages and give you options that you should optimize for. It is important you should not copy your competitors tags but only learn from them as you can further your site while being independant and not a copier but a leader..


Make sure you analyze each individual web page on your website, and not just the main page ?

It is important to remember that every webpage is different and will require a different meta tag.  Be sure to analyze each page for corrections and possible effectiveness. Every little change could be the difference of how you are ranked in each search engine etc..

Good Luck !!