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About Keyword Position Checker

The Keyword Position Checker tool!

Search engine optimization is a continuous job always battling for a position in the top 3 results of search engines. It can take a long time, but but every position that increases means you’re doing something right. Use our free keyword position checker tool to obtain the position of your keywords in the top search engines. This will help you determine what is working, and what needs your attention to get a better position. By entering one keyword per line in the above first box, and the domain/website you want the keywords to be tested on in the second box,  then click on “Find Keyword Position” and watch the tool find the position of your keywords in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Our free keyword position checker tool will find your keywords up to the 500th position. 


 As a webmaster with many websites i have implemented this tool in my everyday life.  It is a constant struggle to ensure the best position for your website in the search engines. Are you using the correct keywords ?  How competitive are those keywords ?  Is there a better keyword you can use that is not as competitive but still give you alot of traffic from the search engines ?  All these questions and more are answered when you use the keyword checker tool.  Knowledge is power and power is money. 


Enjoy the Webmitter Keyword Position Checker Tool !!